TWISTER S-VSB vacuum pump

TWISTER S-VSB vacuum pump
Capacities from 80 to 650 m3 / h, final vacuum 0.05 mbar (abs.). Screw rotors with progressive graduation.
A combination of mechanical seals and two-lip PTFE seals provide maximum shaft sealing. Designed for use with gasket purge gas.
Low noise level, easy to maintain. Low temperature consumption. Corrosion resistant versions have special features depending on the application. Suitable for solvent recovery and drying processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. ATEX compliant versions are available.

Pompe à vide à vis S-VSB TWISTER 120 (30) | 200 (30) | 320 (30) | 430 (30) | 800 (30)

Non-contact dry contact vacuum pumps with flow rates from 80 to 650 m3 / h, limit vacuum 0.05 mbar (abs).
Easy to maintain.
Different coatings improve the resistance to corrosion.
Particularly suitable for solvent recovery and drying processes.
Low operating temperature thanks to the precise graduation of the screw pitch.