Automated Feeding Systems

Automated Feeding System (AFS)

With technology transferred from the food manufacturing industry, our automated feeding system AFS benefits fish farms’ management and profitability. Product flow engineers designed and installed the systems using the latest mechanical and digital technology. Digital monitoring and control support is supplied, with remote and local system management. Long-term labour cost savings offset the initial system investment.


Feed is evenly distributed over the water surface. Computer-controlled feeding allows more frequent daily feedings in multiple ponds, increased production, and faster and more uniform growth. The FCR (feed conversion ratio) is reduced improving the water quality of pond and discharge water. There is no loss of pellet integrity – no fines. The system is adapted for all types of feed. Feeding at two points in one pond and at two different ponds are possible, with each valve alternating from one pond to another. 


AFS eliminates manual feed handling and repetitive stress when feeding thus protecting staff from injuries. Mechanicalizing feeding and digitalization reduces labour expense to increase profits.


AFS eliminates feeding vehicles, blowers, and augers previously used for feed distribution and feeding. Valves can be manually disconnected and immediately exchanged thereby limiting downtime.

Automated Feeding Systems

Multiway Valves

The AFS Multiway valves are patented devices for controlling the feeding of multiple ponds from one distribution point. The hygienic stainless-steel valve provides strength and reliability.

The patented DosAir System controls the valves. The valves are completely waterproof and are cleaned with the patented CleanPipe system.

Electric motorization with a blower and an integrated control head standard, Multiway valves can be in-line or angled and combined in several Multiways. 

The number of pipes is reduced, making cleaning easy and fast.  There is little pressure loss despite long pipelines, and despite the valves operating at low pressure (200-300 during feedings). 

The valves are controlled and monitored by MODBUS.

DosAir System


The patented DosAir System configures the feeding: feed quantities, frequency, and schedules, and automatically distributes the feed. Automatic intake from feed storage silos of 2 to 12 mm feed sizes. Doses (in 10 kg increments) are measured by weight from a dual hopper system. The delivery capacity is from 20 – 30 kg/min. The DosAir system monitors feeding and pond conditions with its small footprint and digitalization.


Site conditions are known immediately, and SMS alerts are sent out if problems occur. User-friendly control support includes PCs, tablets, and smartphones with compatible (feeding, Excel, etc.) software such as Novafish. It also connects to farm ERP.


  • The DosAir System is stainless steel and securely housed
  • Diameter of stainless steel piping: 51 mm or 63 mm
  • Dimensions: 80 x 64 x 110 cm
  • Power: 380V
  • Adaptive flow and weight technology
  • Pneumatic transfer
  • Volumetric injection
  • Alarm (light and sound)

CleanPipe System

The patented CleanPipe system is a mono-block hygienic device that is moved by a pressurized fluid (liquid or gas) when cleaning. It offers real-time management during the cleaning process and allows feed transfer while cleaning.

There are no dead zones, and the system accepts pipe imperfections such as impacts and welds without blocking.

It operates at low pressure for energy saving and is completely sealed for hygienic cleaning while extracting condensation and residual sludge.

Guaranteed quality and service

  • Product performance
  • Systems and equipment upgrades
  • Customer service 24/7
  • Easy maintenance
  • Improved farm aesthetics
  • All parts and piping food-grade certification 
  • Installation and training included
  • Two-year warranty for parts and labor
  • Accreditation by the CETIM Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques.