Food processing line engineering

Food processing line engineering, our know-how at the service of your project.

Since 1945, Secma Cabon has developed a strong knowledge of food processing line engineering with its partners. Today, we are recognized as a living heritage company. This rare know-how has grown with our partners. We support you for all your projects, whether it is a manual or fully automated line.

We design and manufacture all the components necessary for your project in France. On the production side, we integrate the dosing and crimping elements according to your needs. In your warehouse, we can integrate all types of control and overwrapping elements. We can also automate the management of your boxes and pallets.

Our knowledge is useful from the beginning of your project. Indeed, the ratios used by the architects do not take into account all the needs of a food packaging line. Our vision of food line engineering also allows us to anticipate the future development of your project.

Our production know-how covers cans, round and shaped cans, jars, bottles and bags. We know how to handle steel, aluminum, glass, plastic, PET and cardboard.

We accompany you for your factory projects and new lines, but also for relocation or line modification.

Food processing line engineering


Experienced in the implementation of production lines, our field teams are experienced and intervene with professionalism, in the respect of your existing line.

The functionalities are studied with our design engineers to perfectly meet your needs and technical requirements.

The optimal efficiency of the line is thought, thanks to numerous options and customizations that we recommend.


From Europe to South America, our teams ensure the implementation of your process machine in your factory and in collaboration with your teams. For us, this is the guarantee of an implementation in the “rules of the art” and in perfect adequacy with your methods and your working environment.

We also ensure the follow-up and the maintenance of our machines in order to be always present and to accompany you, as well in the maintenance as in the follow-up of the maintenance parts.

Ergonomics and productivity

A great deal of attention is paid to the ergonomics of the lines to help your operators and relieve their work.

Our leitmotiv: The productivity of your line, a guarantee of our know-how, for more than 70 years.


Reactive and available, we are always listening to you to ensure a follow-up of your new equipment and spare parts so that it works at 100% of its capacities.

Directly in your production unit, we ensure a regular maintenance of your installations in order to maintain a maximum operational degree and a great longevity.

Our service of specific product line enineering


The optimisation and the adaptation of your current product lines

In the event of product line renovations or the adaptation of a machines new function, we are here to advise and consult through the process. 

We are also able to provide the necessary maintenance or adjustments for the optmisation of new and old equipment. By adjusting to your requirements and constraints we are able to create the best operational equipment for you product lines.


Relocation & Moving

We also offer our services in the case of your equipment being relocated or the installation of purchased second hand equipment. With our services we are able to;

  • Ensure the correct disassembly
  • The transportation
  • The reassembly of your industrial equipment, whilst guaranteeing the smooth running of the equipment.


Imports & adherence to E.U. standards

Through our knowledge gained in experience & know how, we are able to import foreign machinery to then certify it to E.U. standards whilst guaranteeing necessary precautions are undertaken and an umatched quality of work.