Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Lifting Tables

Our Heavy duty stainless steel lifting tables are suitable for workstations but also as lifting elements in robotic systems. We developed this range initially to meet the needs of our auctioneers and paint strippers. We are therefore the first users.

Our stainless steel lifting tables are considered category 5 by afnor standard EN 1570-1. They are designed to withstand a high number of cycles before maintenance.

Our teams can accompany you to develop stainless steel lifting tables according to the constraints of your environment.

Our range includes mobile or transportable tables as well as fixed tables.

We produce single, double and triple scissor tables. The range aims to be compact while having an intensive use in a constraining environment.

Our smallest models start at 250 kg and go up to more than one ton for two meters high in the space of a pallet.

Stainless steel triple scissor lifting tables

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Stainless steel double scissor lifting tables

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Extra-flat stainless steel lifting tables

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Custom made stainless steel lifting tables

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