Automation & Electricity

Having specialised in the industry for many decades, we realised the benefits of having our own specialist in automation & electricity. Moreover, having been part of many installations of product lines, we’ve been able to simplify the implementation of new equipment.

Elec-automatisme, a specialist in industrial electricity for over 30 years, is now an integral part of the Secma Cabon group. Its contribution towards industrial electricity has helped to ensure that, from the begining process, an unparalleled company oversees your project for a guarantee of excellent results. This could be in the construction of equipment or the training of the future operator, for example.

Automation & Electricity

Study of schematics

Our design office is specialised in the making and study electrical schematics. If your specifications are very precise and complex we are able to carry out all of the planning to install the automation.

On-site installation

Once having installed your equipment on-site you can be sure of the smooth running and efficient operation of your equipment through the assemblly, disassembly for installation, , repairs and test runs being practiced in our workshop.

Programming of automation

Specializing in industrial automation programming for many years, we have worked with many brands such as Pro-Face, Siemens, Schneider ELectric.

Industrial electricity

Our electricians are specialised in the on-site managing after the designing of the schematics. We supervise projects from the desinging to the installation.

Study of your electrical schematics

We are also able to aid with correctly applying your speficiations to your complex projects. Our design office use the IGE See Expert software as a reference for industrial automation and electrical wiring assembly when designing your specified projects.

The designing of your electrical cabinets in our workshop

Our specialised workshop is able to construct your selected electrical cabinet to your specifications or either construct a suggested cabinet in relation to your operations. Depending on the environment in which your electrical cabinet stands such as, indoors, outdoors or its positioning,  we ensure  to use the correct necessary materials such as stainless steel, sheet metal, polyester and steel. Our different European suppliers, including Schneider, guarantee a production compliant to European Conformity (CE) standards to ensure the longevity & quality of your automation equipment. No modifications are made to the your electitrical cabinet, however we scale in accordance to your specifications and the all ready existing components. From the electrical wiring to the installation of different equipment we ensure, through our workshop, through our know how, a respect to standards and a controlled environment in our workshop to construct the most efficient machine & equipment in once installed in your facility.

On-site wiring & installation

During the installation process we are able to oversee:
The installation of the electrical cabinets & boxes onto your equipment.
The wiring and connections.
The testing and trial runs of the installed automated & electrical equipment.
The training of your operator for the use of the equipment.
A complete service which enables the operations of the equipment once our departure.

The automation programming

The training we provide to your operators enables the quick understanding and handling  of the the software linked to the machines. With the simplicity & ergonomics, the operators interface enables an increase in the speed in the automation to then adapt to your product lines.

Industrial electricity for the service of your building

All matters related to electrical wiring & re-wiring can be done by our technicians. We manage the installation of power sockets, the lighting of the premises and the heatin of your building. We also perform refurbishment of old equipment to present regulatory compliance standards such as the APAVE certification. Our team of experts carry out the maintenance of your installations to ensure quick and quality reparations. We operate in different sectors such as the food, water and automotive industries. Contact our office to discuss your projects.