Secma Cabon palletizer, a design made to last and adapt.

For handling cans, batches, or cartons, whatever the material: steel, aluminum, plastic. The multiplicity of packaging as well as the different dimensions of pallets led us to develop several models of machines.

The use of different lifting and transfer systems allows us to respond to all types of implementations and rates in compliance with standards.

Our range covers the needs of fully automatic lines, but also manual and semi-automatic. The technologies that we control give you an informed choice.

All our machines are designed and manufactured in Quimper.

We offer tailor-made machines to be perfectly adapted to your needs.

We are against obsolescence: our machines evolve according to your projects.

Secma Cabon acquired the know-how of Sud Est Equipement at the end of the 90s. Since then, the Secma Cabon range has followed the technological evolutions in order to always remain at the forefront of palletization. To acquire a Secma Cabon Palletizer is to be sure to obtain an optimal, durable and agile solution.

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Palletization and Depalletization Table

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