Full Jar and Bottle Tunnel Washer

The full jar, bottle and can tunnel washer designed and manufactured in our workshops ensures the continuous high-speed washing of your products before canning. Washing is ensured by means of a hot water pressure system. The nozzles are positioned above, below and on the sides of the products to wash for optimal results.

The system can be mounted with twin tanks for pre-washing and washing.


Thanks to our team of designers and engineers, we have established standard models that can be adapted to your needs. In order to do so, we will define your expectations beforehand in order to meet them as much as possible.


Our team designs with you then manufactures the equipment in Quimper. We test the equipment during a blank assembly.

Assembly and commissioning

If necessary, Secma Cabon can come to your site to install your equipment and to carry out a commissioning.

Production time: 12 – 14 weeks on average.


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Full Jar and Bottle Washer

Technical sepcifications

Standard bottom tank:

  • Standard length 3M
  • 304L stainless steel construction 3 mm
  • Tank 2.5m x 0.5m
  • Height 500 mm
  • Water volume 0.6 m3
  • Assembly on adjustable feet +/- 50 mm
  • Inspection door
  • 2” bronze drain valve
  • Heating by steam injection nozzle, stainless steel circuit 20/27
  • Drainage overflow on welded sleeve (gutter connection)
  • Return water filtering by stainless steel sieve
  • Steam consumption under 3 bars (working pressure): 70kg/h
  • A LOWARA centrifugal pump
  • Suction strainer
  • Thermal regulation by capillary thermostatic valve
  • Water level regulated by a valve with float
  • Closing plate on hinge between the tank and the head

Washing head:

  • Conveyor Belt intralox SERIE 1500 FLUSH GRID Larg 203mm (perforated surface)
  • Adjustable guides
  • Driven by Usocome gear motor 0.37kw
  • Plastic bearings
  • 10 curtains of 5 nozzles on 20/27 pipe (plastic collars)
  • Rinsing of the boxes in water networks with return in the scrubber tank
  • Protective covers with hinged opening

Full can washer options