Redler, Cleat chain conveyors

Secma Cabon offers a range of Redler type chain conveyors adapted to the materials you use. We can offer you a standard chain or tailor-made production with chains adapted to the most abrasive types of materials.

Redler type chain conveyors are used to transport all types of materials: cereals, seeds, flour, powders and all types of incineration waste. They have a very reliable and durable system. They also operate very quietly and with minimal maintenance.

For a better guarantee of reliability and proper functioning, the conveyor is equipped with the following devices:

▪ A rotation controller allowing the immediate shutdown of the device in the event of a jam. This avoids the rupture of an essential component

▪ The conveyor is driven by a gearmotor mounted indirectly on the conveyor shaft thanks to a chain thus ensuring double safety and avoiding breakage / damage of a component other than the chain itself


Thanks to our team of designers and engineers, we have established Redler models adaptable to your needs. To do this during the pre-project part, we will define your expectations beforehand in order to correspond as much as possible.


Our team designs with you and then manufactures the equipment in Bonneval. We test the material during a blank assembly.

Assembly and commissioning

If necessary, Secma Cabon can come on site to install your equipment as well as carry out a commissioning.

Study time for tailor-made: 5 weeks on average.

Production time: 12 – 14 weeks on average.


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