Stainless steel magnetic lowerator and magnetic elevator

Our magnetic belt conveyor, made from stainless steel, is suitable for various applications, such as magnetic elevator or magnetic lowerator of empty or full cans as well as washing. Our conveyors comply with the quality standards inherent in a food production zone. Neodymium magnets hold the cans with exceptional grip strength.

The simple structure reduces the footprint and keeps costs under control.

The G structure enables lateral transfer at the infeeds and outfeeds which reduces the format changeover time. Not having to use a chute also reduces noise levels. Lastly, a washing option may be attached to the lower part.

The cantilevered level structure option enables belts and worn parts, such as rails or pulleys, to be changed very rapidly.

The possibility of using pneumatic belt tensioning means there is no need for intervention when the belt gets hot.

We have several configurations for conveying 3/1 to 5/1 empty cans, full cans, or heavy full cans.

We can also offer protected magnetic pulleys that comply with food contact standards.

It should be noted that when using a magnetic elevator or magnetic lowerator for full cans they may not be used for accumulation. Indeed, if cans stop on the belt, there is a risk of sticking which may cause blocking when the belt restarts. It is therefore important to ensure effective upstream and downstream monitoring. Ideally, an accumulation zone should be provided in these places.


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Magnetic lowerator elevator

Magnetic belt conveyor technical description

  • Change of belt without dismantling and adjustable tension
  • Magnetic rails in galvanised steel with stainless steel floor
  • Possibility of including a washing, blowing or steam injection chamber with magnetic field rupture
  • Customized dimensions and inclines
  • Different types of guides
  • Full or empty can version
  • Stainless steel pulleys, bushes and flange, stainless steel magnetic bottom
  • Installation available in CA

Options for magnetic belt conveyor