Robot palletizer

Automate the palletization process with our robot palletizer.

A device consisting of a robotic arm (Fanuc M410IB/700) as well as a gripper.

The Secma Cabon gripper ensures the different palletization stages:

  • Picking up of boxes by magnetism
  • Picking up of divider sheets by vacuum
  • Hooks for the picking up of pallets

The gripper is also available for the cartesian system.

Another way of better answering our clients’ expectations and offering solutions that are more adapted to their need.


Check out the following video for more information:


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  • Robot FANUC M-410iB/700
  • Vacuum or magnetic gripping plate
  • Multi-formats
  • Painted or stainless steel construction
  • Beam power 25 kW
  • Modular chain accumulation table 
  • Pallet management
  • Divider sheet management