Robot palletizer

Secma Cabon robot palletizer: Innovation in Can Palletizing

Introduction: The robot palletizer is a key element in production line efficiency. At Secma Cabon, we’ve created a robot palletizer that stands out for its performance, flexibility and reliability.

Unique characteristics:

  • Fanuc M410/700 robotic arm: Renowned for its precision and durability, this robotic arm is a top choice among industry leaders.
  • Multifunctional gripper: Our innovative gripper enables magnetic pick-up of boxes, vacuum pick-up and placement of dividers, and pallet gripping.
  • Multi-format adaptability: Capable of handling different formats and materials, our robot adapts to your specific needs.

Competitive advantages:

  • Cutting-edge technology: Our robot palletizer uses the most advanced technology, comparable to that of the world leaders in robotic palletizing.
  • Customized solutions: We offer customized solutions to meet your exact requirements.
  • Robust and Reliable Construction: With painted or stainless steel construction and 25 kW beam power, our robot is built to last.
  • Unrivalled customer service: Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart from many other manufacturers.

Check out our demonstration video here

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Technical description

  • Robot FANUC M-410iB/700
  • Vacuum or magnetic gripping plate
  • Multi-formats
  • Painted or stainless steel construction
  • Beam power 25 kW
  • Modular chain accumulation table 
  • Pallet management
  • Interlayer management