Our History

Since 1945, Secma Cabon has maintained its family know-how in the designing and constructing of equipment and machines for the industry. Handed down from father to son for three generations, the company has been able to develop and maintain its activities in the designing and constructing of industrial solutions, particularly for the food industry.

During the Second World War, after being demobilized, Paul Cabon returned to Quimper to manage the family soap factory, which closed before the end of the war because of the shortage of raw materials.

1945: With his engineering training at the Arts et Métiers de Louvain, Paul Cabon starts designing special machines for the rapidly expanding food industry in Brittany. He creates the Ets Paul Cabon.

1970: In order to meet the demand of fish canneries, Paul Cabon creates a vacuum system maintenance sector.

1981: Jean Charles Cabon, Paul Cabon’s son, takes over the management of the company. It is with the arrival of a new shareholder that the current name is adopted: Secma Cabon, in the form of an SA (Limited Company).

Over the years, the company has acquired experience and a reputation in the field of industrial conveying and depalletization.

1982: A first informal agreement is made with the vacuum pump manufacturer Rietschle.

1998: Jean Charles Cabon takes over the activity of Sud Est Equipement and acquires on this occasion the technical knowledge necessary for the issue of end of line and palletization.

2000: Secma Cabon develops its own magnetic grippers using Neo Dim magnets.

2006: A vacuum tray is also created to handle non-magnetic elements.

2013: The management is taken over by Jean Charles Cabon’s son, Maxime Cabon. He continues the restructuring of the company, develops new partnerships, expands the services offered, with recently the purchase of a company of automation and industrial electricity, keeping the same quality requirement.

Today, Secma Cabon focuses on all industries, food processing, and automation, in order to provide complete industrial solutions thanks to all the skills acquired since its creation. Secma Cabon offers innovative and adapted technological proposals and solutions to accompany your industrial projects, and uses all its skills and know-how on a daily basis to meet your expectations.

Our values


We pride ourselves on being able to customize any of our machines for your needs. We work with our customers to find a custom-made solution.


Developing a production line is not a simple task. That’s why we are committed to supporting our customers, from the design office to installation and maintenance.


We strive to be a trusted company that our customers can rely on.

Our skills and know-how

Tailor-made project management

Generally, our customers know what they need to do, and the type of machine they need to implement in their production line to make it more efficient. However, we position ourselves as an advisor to you. Our technical expertise very often allows us to raise details that may be important during the study or implementation. This attention to detail is essential for us so that all our clients without exception come back to us for their next implementation and we have been cultivating it since 1945. We have a great experience in the implementation of production lines. We work in France, in Europe and on the American continent. The cultures of these countries are very diverse, and so is their approach to setting up a production line. Agrifood, Logistics, Pharmacy, also in fields with very different approaches and problems, we draw all our experience to bring you different ways of thinking about the best possible implementation.

Design and engineering office, experience and expertise

Once the project has been pre-defined by our technical advisors, the work of the design office begins. Our consulting engineers formulate, according to all the parameters, door, security, supply of logistics… the most relevant and suitable project in terms of cost and functionality. Secma Cabon, not only sells machines, but recommends THE most efficient solution.

Manufacturing, technicality and precision

On more than 2000 M², our technical manufacturing operators grind, measure and adjust all the parts that will make up, according to your technical specifications, the machine necessary for the evolution of your company.

Since 1945, we have cultivated a culture of training. We are very demanding on the final result and we have always relied on the experience of the most seasoned to train newcomers. Some of our employees have been with us for over 30 years and are the guarantors of the final quality of your new equipment.

And we are proud, in three generations of leaders of the company to have preserved this “family” culture, while developing our know-how throughout Europe and the American continent.


Implementation, monitoring, maintenance, support and sustainability

From Quimper to Buenos Aires, our teams ensure the implementation of your machine on site, in your factory, and under the control of your teams. It is for us the guarantee of an implementation in the “rules of the art”. We also ensure the follow-up and the maintenance of our machines in order to always be present and to accompany you, in the maintenance as well as in the follow-up of maintenance parts. Renovation and upgrading of machines and parts: You want to renovate or upgrade your industrial machine, we provide these services for all types of machines in our premises, taking into account your needs and we bring our expertise to determine together your expectations regarding the new performance of your machine. We ensure the dismantling, the inventory of the parts, the repairing, and the reassembling of your machine.

Line engineering

Designing your production line

When designing your production line, we focus on :

  • functionality
  • efficiency
  • ergonomics
  • productivity


Each system has its own particular requirements in terms of operation: the layout, the process, the speed, the constraints. And we bring you all our expertise and know-how in order to succeed in combining the technical constraints with your wishes, in order to meet your specifications as precisely as possible.

Optimization and adaptation of your existing production line

Within the framework of a renovation or an adaptation of a line to another use, we are able to advise you and accompany you in your reflection.

We can also make the necessary modifications to optimize and adapt your current equipment. The constraints of speed, location, height are our daily business, and we know how to adapt so that your transitic flow is the most operational and the best adapted possible.

Relocation and re-assembly

Within the framework of a factory move or the purchase of second-hand equipment, we offer you our services to ensure the dismantling, transport and reassembly of your industrial equipment while guaranteeing the commissioning of the system and its industrial start-up.

Import service and European standardisation for foreign machines

Internationally recognized specialist in the adaptation of machines and industrial processes for all types of production lines, our skills and experience allow us today to import machines from outside the EU and to adapt them to European standards, in order to guarantee your operators all the safety necessary for quality work.