Magnetic gripper

The magnetic gripper that we design and manufacture adapts to your production line, ensures the gripping of all types of empty or full steel containers and cans. It can also handle closed jars and steel boxes.

Adaptable on a magnetic palletizer/depalletizer in the context of a replacement, our teams can ensure the installation in your production plant.

Other vacuum gripping solutions are possible to adapt to your products:

Possible applications for this magnetic platform gripper :

  • Palettetising and pallet unloading
  • Robotic tool systems
  • Stacking tool systems


Thanks to our team of designers and engineers, we have established standard models of magnetic gripper adaptable to your needs. In order to do so, during the preliminary design stage, we will define your expectations beforehand in order to meet them as much as possible.


Our team designs with you then manufactures the equipment in Quimper. We test the equipment during an assembly test.

Assembly and commissioning

If necessary, SECMA CABON can come to your site to install your equipment and to carry out a commissioning.

Production time: 12 – 14 weeks on average.


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Magnetic gripper option


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