Pulsed Light Sterilizer

Our Pulsed Light Sterilizer, is fast, reliable and flexible. It guarantees a respect for the products to be packaged.

Using white light flashes, with UV rays, which eliminates all germs, irreversibly.

The requirements for the decontamination of surfaces and packaging in aseptic aims decontamination ≥ 3logs from Table excerpt from “Hygienic Filling Machines of VDMA Class IV for Liquid and Viscous Foods Appendix A: Minimum requirements for microbiological hygienic filling machines of Class IV “.

This technique involves sending, by Xenon lamps, very short and intense pulses, that span the spectrum of white light.

With this sterilizer, you will not use chemicals or water, and you’ll save energy.

This is a machine that allows you to protect the environment, and thus improve your CSR. The energy consumption is negligible compared to the consumption of the line.

This pulsed light Sterilizer is made to remove potentially present microorganisms on your products: bacteria vegetative form, mold, yeasts.

Economical: One of the most economical solutions and most efficient to get rid of germs potentially present on your products.
Furthermore, power consumption is negligible.

Ecological: pulsed light by the technology is environmentally friendly. It helps you strengthen your CSR report.
Compact: fits easily on your line.
Easy: Quick and easy maintenance
Safe: decontamination is high, while using secure technology. Your staff is not exposed to radiation.


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