Steel Screw Conveyors

Secma Cabon Steel Screw Conveyors are very versatile and offer many solutions for the transport of powdered or granular materials. They are widely used in conveying animal feed, plastic processing, environmental technology, cement processing, as well as mining.

Secma Cabon steel screw conveyors are made of steel with a suitable surface finish or stainless steel. They consist of a U-shaped or V-shaped container fitted with at least one pouring spout, a flange at each end of the container, a helical spiral screw welded to a central tube with sleeve at each end, two complete bearing sets with attached shaft, a number of intermediate suspension bearings depending on the total length of the steel screw conveyor and the screwed trough cover sections.

We can also adapt to your existing equipment in order to maintain and improve it.


Thanks to our team of designers and engineers, we have established models of steel screw conveyors adaptable to your needs. To do this during the pre-project part, we will define your expectations beforehand in order to correspond as much as possible.

Depending on the application, different types of screws, inlet and outlet nozzles are available.


Our team designs with you and then manufactures the equipment in Bonneval. We test the material during a blank assembly.

Assembly and commissioning

If necessary the company SECMA CABON SV can come on site to install your equipment as well as to carry out a commissioning.

Study time for tailor-made: 5 weeks on average.

Production time: 12 – 14 weeks on average.


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