Steel cable conveyors

Enjoy our high performance and robust stainless steel cable conveyors for all your conveying operations. This standard range will ensure your complete satisfaction when carrying out your conveying operations. The stainless steel cable conveyors can be bought assembled, and also delivered in units for you to assemble. These units would include drive heads, straight sections, curved sections, turntables, transfer blocks and return heads.

The stainless steel cable conveyors are optimized for the feeding of overhead lines. In order to better manage flows, we couple them with modular chain overhead conveyors to optimize accumulation.

With our extensive experience in conveying empty or full containers, we are able to offer you various solutions that meet your requirements by integrating constraints related to your applications.


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Steel cable conveyor 1

Technical characteristics

  • 45 square tube structure
  • Stainless steel cable clip
  • Plastic or stainless steel cable core or stainless steel cable
  • Aluminum guides HDPE friction area

Options for stainless steel cable conveyor