Stainless steel pallet chain conveyor

Our Secma Cabon stainless steel pallet chain conveyors are designed, manufactured and installed by our teams. We have been delivering engineering solutions for food lines since 1945.

Our stainless steel pallet chain conveyors are also designed for high-speed lines and for test laboratories and craftsmen. Easy to use and reliable, they require little maintenance.

We install both ground and overhead lines. To ensure elevation, magnetic, grab or gravity solutions are implemented.

To ensure continuous flow on your production lines, we provide accumulation tables, timing screws and starwheels.


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Pallet chain conveyor technical specification

2 widths are available for our conveyor pallet chain:

Width 1: 82.5 mm

Width 2: 114.3 mm

For the modular chain, the width is 85 mm

Option for stainless steel pallet chain conveyors