Manual layer cartesian palletizer, designed for specific applications

For specific applications with low speed but mass flow, that are not suitable for a push system, we have designed a layer by layer cartesian manual palletizer. This system has a small footprint and is low in height so it can be used in confined spaces. It can also be mobile. The manual palletizer is often used to transfer cans, jars or bottles from a retort basket directly onto a pallet to create a buffer stock before labelling.

It can also be used to palletise low speed packs with a high load.

Cycle: Fully manual

  • Layer creation
  • Gripping and transfer via a control unit
  • Manual layer pad placing


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Accumulation table palletizer table

Technical specifications of the layer by layer manual palletiser

  • Two-hand control
  • Lifting straps
  • Magnetic or vacuum gripper pad
  • Multi-format
  • Painted or stainless steel construction
  • Low height
  • Feeder motor power 7 kW

Option for manual layer cartesian palletiser