The layer cartesian automatic palletizer

Designed to work autonomously, the Secma Cabon automatic palletizer performs palletization or depalletization operations without an operator. It can handle cans, jars, packs, crates and cartons.

The Secma Cabon automatic palletizer requires minimum maintenance and has a very long service life – many of our machines are still in operation after twenty-five years of service.

To increase the output and autonomy of the machine, a pallet management system can be connected to it.

The layer gripper can be magnetic, mechanical or vacuum.


Fully automated

  1. Layer formation
  2. Layer picking and interlayer placing simultaneously
  3. Translation
  4. Layer placing and interlayer removal simultaneously
  5. Pallet lifting, high speed if necessary
  6. The operator manages the feeding of pallets into the machine.

Operating limit

  • Up to 4 layers/minute depending on the product.
  • No operator.
  • Excluding pallet changeover time.


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Accumulation table Palletization and Depalletization

Technical specifications of the layer by layer palletizer

  • Lifting straps
  • Magnetic or vacuum gripper pad
  • Multi-format
  • Painted or stainless steel construction
  • Feeder motor power 7 kW
  • REXNORD FT 1505 modular chain accumulation table
  • Automated layer pad management
  • PLC

Option for our Cartesian Automatic Palletiser


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