Stainless steel double scissor lifting tables

Our Stainless Steel Double Scissor Lifting Tables have a stroke from 620mm to 1868mm. The load is 450kg. They have been developed for particularly harsh conditions of use for the mechanics: basket loading. They can perform several cycles per minute. In our range of loaders and unloaders, we use these tables with a constraint of 3/4 stop – start per minute on average 8 hours rush.

They require very little maintenance: annual for the most extreme cases.


Thanks to our team of designers and engineers, we have established models of Double Scissor Lift Tables in stainless steel that can be adapted to your needs. In order to do so, during the preliminary design stage, we will define your expectations beforehand in order to meet them as much as possible.


Our team designs with you then manufactures the equipment in Quimper. We test the equipment during a blank assembly.

Assembly and commissioning

If necessary, SECMA CABON can come to your site to install your equipment and commission it.

Study time for custom-made products: 5 weeks on average.

Production time: 12 – 14 weeks on average.


See more stainless steel lifting tables here.

Stainless Steel Double Scissors Lifting Table Range


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