Straight realigner

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Accumulation table:
Length: 4500 mm.
Width: 955 mm.
Chain type: Modular chain made of acetal.
Cart contents washing system: DZ type lifting table Specifications:
1.1kW hydraulic power plant.
Stainless steel lifting table structure designed for reduced maintenance.
Lifting capacity 450 kg.
Cylinder in painted steel or stainless steel on request.
Possibility of cylinder in the ground also.

Removal of interlayer: Gravity or mechanical option.

Layer evacuation: Overband system.

Electricity, hydraulics and pneumatics:
304L stainless steel electrical cabinet.
PLC: Siemens.
Voltage: 380-400V 50Hz 3 phases.
Total power: 30 kVA.
Compressed air: Network connection 6 Bars.

Human-machine interface: Touch screen on the front of the electrical cabinet for machine adjustment.

Flow rate: up to 6 layers / min