Vacuum Filler

The Vacuum Filler was developed by Sud Est Equipement for a reliable and flexible mechanical operation. It guarantees the maintenance and compliance of the products to be packaged.

This Vacuum Filler is for all your liquid or semi-liquid products, with or without pieces: oil, juice, sauce, brine, etc. It fills your containers (cans, jars, bottles, …); Empty containers or solid products (vegetables, fruits, meat, fish …).

It corresponds to several containers like:

  • Round cans
  • Shaped cans
  • Jars
  • Bottles

Operation Principle

The amount to be poured is defined beforehand.
Your containers are put in a vacuum. Then the vacuum is stopped and air is sucked out of the product.
The filling is done by vacuum.
After dosing solid products, if necessary, the containers are sent to the liquid-filler. A screw separates the proper desired gap for positioning each just below a filling valve.

Containers are placed on a turntable, following the rhythm of the filling valves.

The plate carrying the cans is placed on a rail which rises gradually along the rotation down to the end of the rotation.

Filling process:

  • Plate supporting the containers makes them up, until they stick to the fillings valves
  • They rise up pushing the valve seal which makes the vacuum inside
  • Then to a second stage that closes the gap
  • Finally to a level that opens the product valve and is sucked into the container
  • At the end of the rotation, the full containers are returned to the production line.


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  • Construction robuste et solide : c’est une machine fiable
  • Fonctionnement mécanique : assure une production fiable
  • Hygiène : nettoyage facile grâce à la possibilité d’enlever les têtes de remplissage
  • Ergonomie et flexibilité : le volume dosé peut être modifié facilement et rapidement.
  • Remplissage rapide : la technologie de vide vous permet de verser le produit rapidement
  • Pièces à changer rapidement Changements de configuration simples et rapides.
  • Système de réglage de la hauteur automatisé.
  • Système de chauffe par serpentin inox 316 ou titane