In-line Filler

The in-line filler ensures the filling of cans for juice, oil, vinaigrette, brine etc. The in-line filler also fills glass jars or metal cans. These cans contain vegetables, fish, meat or fruit. The filled containers are transported via a stainless steel chain and synchronized beforehand by a spacing screw or a selection star to manage the spacing between the cans. Once the pitching is done, the juicer will then fill the containers one by one by passing under a filling valve. A juice collection tank is present under the conveyor. Once the cans are filled with juice, they are usually sent to a seamer to close the can. They are then sent for sterilization.



  • Complete structure in 316L
  • Complete casing, mounted on hinge for easy cleaning of the unit
  • Inner chain conveyor with stainless steel pallet


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  • 1 standard motorized head with presser belt Lg 2100 mm
  • Pressing chain Eurobelt S-E40 flush grid white x-ray detectable
  • Construction of the tanks in stainless steel 316 with a capacity of approx. 300 liters
  • Tank draining in 50/60 with integrated valve
  • Juice inlet in 50/60 male gas
  • Titanium heating coil
  • A juice return filter basket with 1mm² mesh size
  • 1 juice distribution pump
  • 1 juice opening valve