Handpack Filler

It is a volumetric dosing system, fed by a hopper via a drum and a pump. All the operations are automatic. The changing of the can format as well as the supervision of the machine is done by means of a touch screen.

This Handpack Filler is reliable and flexible. It guarantees maintenance and compliance of products to be packaged.

Specialist since 1945 in mechanics and improving production lines in the food industry. SECMA CABON brings you the real and concrete experience that has made its reputation.

Thanks to its experience and its ability to adapt, the company’s products and services can correspond to food production, but also in many other areas.

This Handpack Filler is made for all your solid products, with a low standard deviation: peas, kidney beans / white corn.

It corresponds, in several containers such as: boxes, round and shaped, jars, bottles.


Filling steps:

  • Arrival of the cans
  • Can manipulation by means of a selector screw
  • Feeding into the pocket filler via the infeed starwheel
  • Can detection by register sensor
  • Opening of the pocket flap and filling of the can
  • Closing of the flap
  • Can exit via exit starwheel


  • 316L stainless steel turret
  • Structure without central mast
  • Limited retention zones
    • Streamlined structure
    • Tubular frame
  • Easy to clean


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  • Robust construction: it’s a trusted machine
  • Mechanical operation: allows a reliability of production
  • Hygiene: easy cleaning thanks to the possibility of removing the pockets
  • Ergonomy and flexibility: the volume can be easily and quickly changed using a crank on the machine.
  • Can be easily inserted on a production line, thanks to turntables input and output; even in a rather small space.
  • Quick parts to change
  • Quick and easy parameter changes.


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