Cartesian Automatic Depalletizer, ideal for control and labelling lines

Designed to work autonomously, the Secma-Cabon Cartesian automatic depalletizer performs depalletizing work without an operator. It can handle boxes, jars, lots, crates and cartons.

The Secma-Cabon Cartesian Automatic Depalletizer requires minimal maintenance, and has a very long life. Many of our machines are still in operation twenty five years after their commissioning.

In order to increase the rate and autonomy of the machine, a pallet management system can be added to it.

Layer grippers can be magnetic, mechanical or vacuum.

Made in our Quimper workshop in Brittany,France. We can fully adapt our Cartesian Automatic Depalletizer to your working environment and constraints.

Standard manufacturing time 14/16 weeks.


Fully automated

Picking the layer and removing the layerpad in masked time
Laying the layer and taking the layerpad in masked time
Elevation of the pallet if  necessary
The operator manages the feeding of the pallet machine

A system of lasers and casings ensures the safety of the operator.


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Depalletiser palletiser Cartesian Automatic Depalletizer

Cartesian Automatic Depalletiser technical specifications

  • Lifting straps
  • Magnetic or vacuum gripper pad
  • Multi-format
  • Painted or stainless steel construction
  • Feeder motor power 7 kW
  • REXNORD FT 1505 modular chain accumulation table
  • Automated layer pad management
  • PLC

Vidéo Cartesian Automatic Depalletizer, ideal for control and labelling lines