Automatic High-Speed Overband Depalletizer

With an output of 6 layers/minute, our high-speed overband depalletizer is ideal for empty can line infeeds, but also full cans, jars or bottles with steel caps.

Our expertise ensures the support of unstable products during conveying and also the cohesion of the layer for shaped cans.

Designed and manufactured for robustness, this high-speed layer by layer depalletizer is extremely simple to use and reliable. It is designed to handle all types of formats. Product format changeovers are reduced through a menu on the human-machine touch screen interface.

This high-speed depalletizer can handle pallets of different heights and sizes.

We offer overhead conveying systems and magnetic or grab lowerator systems to feed your production or packing line.

Pallet and interlayer management can be automated to totally free up the operator. For the semi-automatic version, the operator controls the machine by means of a two-hand safety control.

Operator safety is ensured by a light curtain system and guarding.


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Overband gripper

High-speed depalletizer technical description

  • Painted steel frame with stainless steel sides
  • REXNORD FT 1505 modular chain accumulation table
  • Elevation system using chains or lifting table
  • The overband makes it possible to increase the output and process up to 6 layers per minute depending on the automation level of the system
  • Metal skirt securing the elevator
  • Manual interlayer removal
  • Direct placing of the pallet on the elevator platform using a fork-lift truck

Vidéo Automatic High-Speed Overband Depalletizer